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Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown.

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"Our company MetroSplash, is not an uncommon scenario. We are a fresh new start-up high with hope and energy but low on process and historical reference. We are a group of seasoned veterans brought together by chance and opportunity who are struggling to find our center, the harmony we will need to collaborate towards success. Our CEO had the wisdom to see that “understanding” one another was the first step towards “supporting” one another on our journey to achieving our business objectives."

"We chose to use Growing By Design to help facilitate our Strategic Leadership team meeting consisting of our executive staff and some of the key team leaders in the various functional areas of our company: Development, Finance, Operations and Sales. Using their 5 Dynamics assessment tool coupled with Growing By Design’s off-site coaching session created a huge sense of clarity among our executive team. Not only did it “highlight” some of the strengths we had hidden within pockets of our organization, it also allowed us to see areas in our team that were misdirected."

"The facilitator’s knowledge helped stimulate the group’s thinking on so many levels and helped make the Strategic Leadership meeting productive on so many levels. We were very impressed with the 5 Dynamics tool in that it was quick, ever so simple and amazingly insightful. Not only did it “assess” our natural tendencies, but also the results were so telling that it actually fostered new energy into our team. Thank you for working with MetroSplash, now watch us take our new found energy all the way to the top."


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