Who We Are



Karen Gordon Karen Gordon

According to her 5 Dynamics™ Assessment Report, “Karen is a high-energy risk taker driven by her creativity which is constantly churning and generating new ideas. She likes to make something from nothing, build it up and make it flourish. She finds an idea that no one else has had and proceeds, full-steam ahead to actualize it.”

Karen's ability to see opportunities and act upon them has brought her success and recognition. Her first company, GTCI, was on the INC 500 list of fastest growing privately owned companies for two years in a row, growing from #380 to #76. GTCI was also on the Dallas 100 list of fastest growing companies, listed at #25. Karen was honored to be a finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

Growing By Design is focused on building high performing teams by capitalizing on each team member's individual strengths. A perfect example of this blending of disparate strengths can be seen in Karen’s relationship with her husband, Ed. Ed's energies and work preferences are very different from hers. “Ed is precise, meticulous, rational, and the ultimate skeptic. He is conscientious and eager to do things in the right way.” , according to his 5 Dynamics™ report. However despite the differences, Ed and Karen have found a way to capitalize on their individual strengths to make a stronger team both personally and professionally.

When Karen isn't working on some new business idea, you can often find her on the sidelines of her son's football game or watching her daughter compete in a volleyball match. She is just as passionate about watching her kids participate in sports as she is in creating new ideas. She also enjoys watching her oldest daughter gain confidence daily in the woman that she has become and discovering the woman that she can be.

Her second set of children – her two English black Labs – Rudy and Wyatt and her Golden Retriever – Lucky are always ready to greet her when she comes home from a long day at the office.

Through her work with Growing By Design, Karen is looking forward to developing deeper relationships with existing clients and establishing a lasting partnership with her new clients.